About Berry Genomics

Founded in May 2010, Berry Genomics is the leading genomics company specializing in developing and commercializing technologies for life sciences and clinical applications. Among the clinical applications, the company is dedicated to developing next generation sequencing (NGS) based tests for genetic disease and cancer from preconception to adulthood.

VisionBecoming a world leader in genomic technologies

Mission Serve the society by improving the health of general population

Business PhilosophyPowered by innovation, exceled by quality

Company Structure

As a pioneer in the genomic industry in China, Berry Genomics has established facilities and departments engaging in each segment of the genomic industry, including technology research and development, medical device manufacturing, clinical testing, genomic database integration, and professional genetic counseling. The company also invested in gene therapy.

  • The company’s headquarter is located in Beijing.
  • The company has 8 clinical laboratories, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Qingdao, Fuzhou, and Hong Kong.
  • The company’s certified medical device manufacturing facility in Hangzhou is the production base for reagents and instruments.
  • In 2017, Berry Genomics announced to establish a digital life science park in Fuzhou. With more than 260,000 square meters, the park is designed to cover every segment of genomic industry, from technology development to medical device manufacturing, from genetic testing to disease treatment.
  • The company established a subsidiary, Xcelom Limited, in Hong Kong in 2013, which obtained exclusively from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) the IP portfolio covering non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).
  • Teaming up with Professor Tony Mok of CUHK, in 2015, the company established Sanomics Limited, a leading oncology company, providing safe and rapid cancer diagnose.
  • In 2017, Berry Genomics created Berry Oncology focusing on cancer early detection and liquid biopsy. In April of 2018, Berry Oncology and the National Center for Science in Hepatocellular Carcinoma jointly announced the initiation of the prospective study to detect liver cancer at very early stage, i.e. the “PreCar” study.


  • Yang Gao, PH.D., Chairman, Berry Genomics, a pioneer in NGS research and applications in China
  • Daixing Zhou, PH.D., CEO, Berry Genomics, one of the major contributors of NGS field in the world. Dr. Zhou is widely recognized as the pioneer of NIPT in China.
  • Ying Hou, Vice President, Berry Genomics. Mrs. Hou has extensive experience in the development of NGS market in the last 10 years

More Information

  • In August 2017, Berry Genomics became the first genomic company to be listed on the main board of China A share exchange under the stock code: 000710.
  • For more information, please contact: Ms. Karen Jiang by jiangke@berrygenomics.com

Research & Development

Berry Genomics regards innovation as its core value to power the company to maintain competitiveness advantage. Each year the company invests in R&D to drive the development and validation of new technologies and diagnostic tests. Our R&D achievements have been granted domestic and foreign patents. All patented and other core technologies are used in the products and testing services. In the reproductive genetics market, Berry Genomics is recognized by the customers as the leading supplier of quality products and services. In the oncology testing market, Berry Oncology’s cSMART technology is praised by the customers and collaborators as the most sensitive liquid biopsy technology.

Today Berry Genomics’ technologies and products are widely used by the clinical and research communities in China. Berry Genomics currently serves more 2000 hospitals in China. There are more than 100 leading hospitals in China built their clinical laboratories centered on Berry Genomics’ technologies and products. Berry Genomics’ contract service departments has supported more than 10,000 science research programs from more than 2000 hospitals, institutions and universities.

Expert Team

  • Daixing Zhou, PH.D., CEO, Berry Genomics, expert NGS technology and application developer .
  • Fuli Yu, CIO, Berry Genomics, global population genetics expert, with a joint appointment from Baylor College of Medicine.
  • David Cram, Chief Genetist , Berry Genomics, President-Elect of PGDIS and National “Thousand Talents Program” scholar of China.
  • Yiping Shen, chief medical counselor, Berry Genomics, lobal genetic counseling expert and the director of genetic counseling program at Harvard Medical School.

Key Publications

  1. Non-invasive prenatal testing for Wilson Disease using circulating Single Molecule Amplification and Re-sequencing Technology (cSMART). Clinical Chemistry, 2015;61:172-181.
  2. Comprehensive profiling and quantitation of oncogenic mutations in non small-cell lung carcinoma using single molecule amplification and re-sequencing technology. Oncotarget. 2016;7(31):50477-50489.
  3. Application of Single-Molecule Amplification and Resequencing Technology for Broad Surveillance of Plasma Mutations in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. 2016. pii: S1525-1578(16)30220-3.
  4. Performance of a quantitative assay for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of autosomal recessive hearing loss caused by GJB2 and SLC26A4 mutations. Genetics in Medicine, 2017;19:1306-1316.
  5. Prospective chromosome analysis of 3429 amniocentesis samples in China using copy number variation sequencing. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2018;219(3): 287.e1-287.e18.

Main Products and Embedded Core Technologies

Business Model

Berry Genomics is committed to developing and providing the highest quality and cost effective diagnostic and screening tests to patients. This is exemplified in our efforts to obtain IVD license from the CFDA to give the clinicians the confidence to use these tests for their patients’ health and well-being. In 2015, Berry Genomics’ sequencer, NextSeq CN500, and NIPT reagent obtained the license. Many new products are currently in the process of license application.

Besides offering testing service directly, Berry Genomics supports more than 100 hospitals and centralized clinical laboratories in China to run these tests autonomously.

Our unique business model of service and product continues to meet the growing needs from China’s market.

Market Coverage

Berry Genomics has built a professional sales and marketing team to serve over 2000 hospitals throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, providing tests to more than 1 million patients a year.